'What's In Your Cup' Exhibition at the Wing Luke

The Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience has debuted, What’s in your cup? Community-Brewed Culture, a new exhibit that honors the beverages that have given life to communities – from farmers and families who nurture the raw materials to friends and kin who bond over shared drinks. It acknowledges their place in our community’s most treasured rituals and spaces: the tea house, the after-school hangout, the work break, and the raucous karaoke night. Explore the stories of the growers, scientists, and innovators who created and continue to adapt Asian beverages so our cultures can thrive.

Included in the exhibit is photography and video from We Knew We Were Home, a story from my 2010 interactive documentary, 16 Square Blocksthat honored the diverse and vibrant karaoke community at Bush Garden in Seattle's Chinatown. Of special significance is Uncle Bob Santos, legendary civil rights activist and community leader who passed away in 2016, singing Frank Sinatra throughout the video. 

Stop by the Wing Luke through September 16, 2018 to view this exhibit and learn about the community that continues to thrive in Seattle's International District. If you can't make it, catch up with this story from the International Examiner


Front Page of the International Examiner

The 16 Square Blocks exhibition and project is extensively featured both in print and online by the International Examiner. Running full page on the cover of this week's edition is an image from the ACRS Food Bank, of a woman waiting in line. Only thing is they got the title wrong, and went with the original project title. This is great press for the project, and will lead to better things! I couldn't be happier! View it online or download the full print version here.