Almost exactly a year ago, on a day much like today, I found myself standing at the intersection of Jackson and 12th, completely lost. A block down 12th was a huge open market covered by giant blue tarps snapping in the wind, shading the vegetables and fruits from the late-winter sun. Just behind me was a row of 3 pho shops, and turning down Jackson a number 36 Metro bus barely missed hitting me. As the sun slowly disappeared behind the Seattle skyline I began to realize just how unfamiliar the International District felt compared to Capitol Hill or Fremont. Unlike any other neighborhood that I'd come to know over the past ten years, I'd never felt so enthralled, yet disconnected to this city. One year later I am a resident of Chinatown, arguably one of the roughest neighborhoods in Seattle, and to quote my friend Todd Janisch, "the only un-gentrified neighborhood touching downtown Seattle proper."

One year ago I stumbled upon Hau Hau market where produce and groceries are probably the cheapest I have ever found in Seattle. From Bok Choy and Watercrest, to Chicken feet and cow tongue, Hau Hau has it all. Sure beats QFC, though one amazingly difficult item to come across is cheese, or even Comet cleanser. Nevertheless, I have fallen in love with the neighborhood, the vibrant community, and dynamics that govern one of the most diverse neighborhoods in all of Seattle.

This image was taken on a Canon EOS 5D and a Canon 24-105mm f/4.0L lens.

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