Winter Is Coming

Coming from Hawaii, there is something to be said about this time of year when seasons change, leaves start falling, and trees become naked as the winter approaches. This past weekend while working on a documentary project, I came across a peaceful scene where leaves were set to burn in a front yard of a countryside home just outside of Auburn, NY. Watch the newest video fragment posted to my site, along with two other scenes from this weekend's Central New York Veterans Parade held at the New York State Fair Grounds in Syracuse, New York.

View Fall Fire, Side Stepping, and Flag Waving


Video Fragments

I've started a new section in my website called, "Video Fragments," which features short video moments, anywhere between 10-30 seconds in length. Sometimes I will stumble upon a situation that is either visually beautiful, or emotionally compelling, though unfortunately due to other circumstances doesn't lend itself to a feature video, or I may not be able to dedicate more than a brief few minutes to interact with the story further. Instead of allowing these moments to disappear into my memory, or the abyss of my archive, I would rather share these with you in short bursts of color.

The newest moment I edited today comes from Monrovia, Liberia, where my driver, David Acheampong, brought me to a cliff where a handful of families live, looking out over the Mesurado River and houses of Jallah Town--a neighborhood of Monrovia.