The Dividing Line

In the past few months The National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) has recognized "The Dividing Line" with 3 awards. Produced in May for Bruce Strong's Multimedia Rockstar class, "The Dividing Line" follows the compelling story of Mick Caulfield, 27, who sustained a traumatic brain injury at the age of 17 during a horrific car crash. Ten years later, Mick still struggles to find his place, and find himself. Two years after being convicted of sex abuse 1, Mick violated his probation by mistakenly leaving the county to attend church. "The Dividing Line" explores the issues that have lead up to this day, where he finds himself under house arrest for the next six moths.

NPPA has awarded "The Dividing Line" with 1st Place Video in the Monthly Professional Multimedia contest, 3rd Place Multimedia in the Student Quarterly Clip contest, and 3rd Place Multiple Picture Story in the Student Quarterly Clip contest. Thank you NPPA.