End of Year Wrap up

2017 turned out to be a big year. My wife and I moved to her hometown of LA, Gordon the dog figured out how to catch food in the air, and I bought my first car at the ripe age of 35. We traveled to Japan with my entire family where we visited my father's hometown of Kaita, just outside of Hiroshima, and visited his childhood home. I spent a lot of time in Seattle catching up with old friends, snowshoeing in the Cascade Mountains and celebrating best friends' weddings.

2017 also closed out the festival run for Im/Perfection. Family joined us for the screening at the Los Angeles Asian American Film Festival, and we closed out the year in Vancouver, BC at the Canadian premiere of Im/Perfection at the Vancouver Asian Film Festival. Vancouver has changed since my college years, but still maintains the great Pacific Northwest warmth, even in the middle of winter. A week later the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival honored Im/Perfection for Best Documentary Short. 

In celebration of a wonderful year, I've finally released Im/Perfection online for your viewing pleasure. Take a moment to watch this short film that honors my father's work that continues to inspire me everyday of my life. Here's to an even brighter and happier 2018! 

Link to Im/Perfectionhttps://vimeo.com/171484392