Every year hundreds of cyclists descend upon the Ballard neighborhood in Seattle for the annual Twilight Crit. Last year I was in attendance to rally for one of my best friends racing through the cobblestone streets, around sharp turns, and past local bars and restaurants. Between laps, waiting for the pack to pass again, I looked across the road to a scene that made me laugh and giggle inside. I feel that in my line of work it's way too often that photographs make me sad, or depressed. I now have a very special place for interesting, powerful, and provoking images that can make me laugh. To say that these words describe this image is a gross overstatement, however I do chuckle inside whenever I see this image.

This image was taken on VERY expired AGFA RSX II 100 slide film on an ancient Canon PRIMA Super 28V point-and-shoot, then cross-processed.

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