In late-February 2007, I committed a grave crime by flying into Havana, Cuba to explore the "forbidden land." For three weeks I passed through the cities of Havana, Trinidad, Santiago de Cuba, and Baracoa in the Northeastern tip of the archipelago. Just prior to my departure, I had completed my first course in color chromogenic printing, and had developed an obsession with vivid colors. What better place to photograph than Cuba? The question was, "How?" considering everybody else from world-reknowned David Alan Harvey, to John the Canadian tourist had also shot Cuba. So I tried, and returned through US customs content, though trembling and praying they wouldn't take away my bag of film.

My trip to Cuba eventually evolved into a 58-page, 24-image hardback book and print exhibition entitled 8:10 and 40 Seconds. To view or purchase the book, visit me online at blurb.com.

This image was taken on Kodak 160VC negative film on a Contax Quuartz 139 and a Carl Zeiss Distagon 35mm f/2.8 T* lens

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