The Verbatim Agency is a new and unique photo agency launched in 2017, with offices based in New York City and London. Split into two core services Verbatim provides commercial visual solutions, and partners with brands and organizations to amplify social impact initiatives. The ten award-winning photojournalists and documentary filmmakers craft powerful, journalistically-driven narratives around social responsibility, philanthropic, and advocacy initiatives.

Runtime: 01:34


Director:  Andrew Hida
Interview: Leandro Badalotti
Editor: Andrew Hida
Video: Rick Gershon, Gillian Laub, John Moore, Toby Smith, Shaul Schwarz, Tom Stoddart, Jonathan Torgovnik,
Photography: Lynsey Addario, Peter Dench, Veronique de Viguerie, Marco DiLauro, Gillian Laub, Shaul Schwarz, Toby Smith, Brent Stirton, Tom Stoddart, Jonathan Torgovnik
Interviews: Getty Images
Music: Chad Lawson
Client Side Producer: Lauren Steel
Executive Producer: Aidan Sullivan


Client:  The Verbatim Agency
Services Provided: Directing, Producing, Editing
Publication Date: April 19, 2017



It has never been more relevant for brands to connect with their audiences through their own stories of social responsibility. The Verbatim Agency builds partnerships with companies and organizations to craft authentic, transformative visual stories around their social impact initiatives. With the 2017 launch of the agency, Verbatim needed a video to showcase the expansive visual currency of their elite roster of photographers and filmmakers. The video would tell Verbatim's story succinctly and eloquently, speak directly to its clientele's needs and be visually arresting. This video would serve as the main conduit into the corporate social responsibility arm of the Verbatim Agency.


The project was informed by two descriptors: "simplicity" and "gravitas." We needed to feature the award-winning work of Verbatim's talent, while highlighting the fundamental principles that guide their work:  authenticity, journalism, sensitivity and impact. Essential to our success was building a sophisticated relationship between the visuals and the messaging that informed and did not distract. Simplification proved most powerful in leading us to the heart of Verbatim's mission.

Pulling from a tremendous visual archive of still photography and video, we told the story of Verbatim's brand in 90-seconds. We made the decision early-on to carry the messaging through first-person testimony by Aidan Sullivan, CEO and Founder, and supported by two Verbatim photographers, Lynsey Addario and Brent Stirton. As a result, their voices are truly revealing of the values behind the agency's work: compassion, authenticity and drive.