Pam White was an active mother of two in West Virginia until her brain was infected by a virus. Jeff Kissell and Mary Ellen Kissell dreamed of retiring in a cabin in the woods until their lives were shattered when Jeff suffered a stroke while mountain biking. A single moment permanently set both Pam and Jeff's futures on intersecting paths in their search for hope and support. 

Runtime: 08:19

"Working with Andrew to create a new video for our organization was a dream come true! His talent for film making coupled with his kind, compassionate nature, offered the perfect combination for the film he created for our organization. We needed a film for our annual gala fundraiser that would share the impact of our organization's services in the lives of our clients while also inspiring guests of our event to want to help make a difference through donating. This film, entitled 'New Normal', tells the story of two survivors and their families, with intimate footage captured by Andrew in the two days he spent with each family. He immersed himself in their lives, resulting in candid, emotional, inspirational and touching footage of lives changed and rediscovered.  Andrew created connections with these families and they shared with us how much they enjoyed time with him during the filming. They felt respected, honored, and thoughtfully portrayed. We loved working with Andrew! His integrity, passion, commitment, professionalism and immense talent is a gift that we feel grateful for each day."

- Patricia Gill, Executive Director, Schurig Center
for Brain Injury Recovery, 2018


Director:  Andrew Hida
Cinematographer: Andrew Hida
Editor: Andrew Hida
Music: Michael Brook (under CC license)
Client-side Producer: Patricia Gill


Client:  Schurig Center for Brain Injury Recovery
Services Provided: Directing, Cinematography, Editing
Publication Date: March 3, 2018