During their undergraduate years, Minerva students pursue a range of opportunities with top global organizations — from research institutes and NGOs to technology start-ups and multinational corporations — where they work on important projects with meaningful outcomes. The Professional Experiences series features three student work experiences as a VC Analyst at SVB Capital, a consultant on food systems sustainability at Zume Pizza, and impact assessment at the Autodesk Foundation.

Runtime: Various


Director: Andrew Hida
Director of Photography: Andrew Hida
Production Assistant: Olivia Luo
Editor: Andrew Hida
Composer: Jim Greer
Client Side Creative Director: Ayo Seligman


Client:  Minerva Schools
Services Provided: Creative Design, Cinematography, Editing, Motion Graphics
Publication Date: September 25, 2017


Minerva takes a unique approach in providing work experience to its undergraduate students. Modeled after the world's most well-respected talent agencies, the Professional Development Agency helps to lay the foundation for students to succeed in their professional growth. The agency has placed Minerva students in elite internships to pursue meaningful work and jump start their careers. 

Students have secured impressive positions that span functions industries and geographies at organizations as diverse as Autodesk, Humanity Action and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. In this series, we featured three students driven by deeply personal experiences, working to address profound issues facing our society today. We wanted to not only highlight each student's growth, but also the unique contribution that each student brought to the organization as a result of their education at Minerva and personal drive.