Founded in 2014, Minerva Schools is designed around a new vision of higher education that combines a reinvented curriculum, rigorous academic standards, innovative technology, and an immersive global experience. Students study in seven different cities over the course of four years, including San Francisco, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Seoul, Taipei, London, and Hyderabad. Global Immersion is an essential component to Minerva academics where students engage with local civic partners to apply classroom knowledge to practical, real-world problems. Each film in this series highlights the co-curricular and location-based activities and how classroom curriculum extends into the urban fabric.

Runtime: Various

"We have worked with Andrew Hida on a range of productions — all of which contributed to telling our brand's fast-evolving story to various audiences. Not only is he an exceptional auteur, with the full compliment of capabilities, but he is adaptive, able to work in multiple modes and collaborative settings. He brings a deep understanding of narrative, pacing, and visual composition, which he drew on to create and direct the Global Immersion series. These skills, coupled with his knowledge of reportage and experience with live, documentary productions make Andrew both a consummate professional and a true pleasure to work with."

– Ayo Seligman, Creative Director,
Minerva Schools at KGI, 2017



Director: Andrew Hida
Director of Photography: Diego Alejandro Suarez
Field Producer: Agustina Santiago
Editor: Andrew Hida
Composer: Jim Greer
Photography: Axel Indik
Project Manager: Annick Shen
Client Side Creative Director: Ayo Seligman


Director of Photography: Fabian Brennecke
Editor: Andrew Hida
Composer: Jim Greer
Producer: Annick Shen
Client Side Creative Director: Ayo Seligman


Directors:  Jessey Dearing, Andrew Hida
Director of Photography: Jessey Dearing
Cinematography: Jessey Dearing, Jon Kasbe, Bob Miller
Editors: Jessey Dearing, Andrew Hida
Composer: Jim Greer
Photography: Bob Miller 
Photo Retouching: Michael Curry
Client Side Producer: Jules Shell


Client:  Minerva Schools
Services Provided: Creative Design, Directing, Editing, Production
Publication Date: 2015 - 2017


The target audiences of this series are prospective students and the parents of these students who are seeking to better understand the Minerva global experience. We wanted the viewer to understand the full spectrum of daily life, from the demanding academics, to the immersive social and co-curricular activities. We needed to quickly convince the viewer why they belong at Minerva by telling the story of how the Minerva experience stands apart from that of the traditional university through personal stories of challenge and growth. 


Over the course of two years, we have produced three fast-paced, energy-infused short films published on various sections of the Minerva Schools' website. The release of each film coincides with admission notifications and application dates of the academic year. 

In order to achieve the authentic, cinematic documentary style demanded by Minerva, we assembled a team of highly talented cinematographers with a strong background in visual journalism. Weeks of creative design and pre-production proved essential to manage the complex timing and logistics of multiple shooters and photographers, navigating large, foreign cities. Additionally, in Global Immersion: San Francisco, we managed and directed user-generated content from 10 Minerva students who self-documented their day using Sony video cameras. 

These films strike a fine balance between informative and exciting, providing an intimate look into the unique academic model at Minerva and the impact of immersive experiences on students' growth as they face new opportunities and expand their worldview.