Founded in 2014, Minerva Schools is designed around a new vision of higher education that combines a reinvented curriculum, rigorous academic standards, innovative technology, and an immersive global experience. Every year Minerva Schools attracts the most talented, intelligent and innovative students in the world. This video is part of the admissions package distributed to prospective students. 

Runtime: 0:42


Creative Director: Ayo Seligman
Director of Photography: Andrew Hida
Camera Assistant: Ben Guez
Production Assistant: Olivia Luo
Editor: Andrew Hida
Music: Jim Greer
Actress and Voiceover Talent: Rebecca Mqamelo



Client:  Minerva Schools
Services Provided: Creative Design, Cinematography, Editing
Publication Date: 2018


Minerva Schools was founded on the mission of innovating higher education. This philosophy extends through the student scholarship process, the innovative Active Learning Forum technology and the professional experiences program. Innovation even extends to the method that Minerva offers admission to prospective students.

Minerva wanted to expand its content package that is distributed to prospective students. The goal was to create a complimentary video to the initial notification-of-acceptance video that inspires students to finalize their decision to attend the university. We wanted to create a playful narrative that moved between the dream of the Minerva experience and the very real decision to make the first step in pursuing one's dreams.

Since its founding in 2014, the school has done an unprecedented job in documenting its growth through video and photography. Relying on this vast library of footage we created a dreamscape of possibilities and opportunities. Paired with original cinematic content the story forces any prospective student to see themselves in the same chair as our protagonist. The result is a 45-second video that engages the imagination and inspires an emotional response. 



Directors:  Jessey Dearing, Andrew Hida
Director of Photography: Jessey Dearing
Cinematography: Jessey Dearing, Jon Kasbe, Bob Miller
Editors: Jessey Dearing, Andrew Hida
Composer: Jim Greer
Photography: Bob Miller 
Photo Retouching: Michael Curry
Client Side Producer: Jules Shell


Director of Photography: Fabian Brennecke
Editor: Andrew Hida
Composer: Jim Greer
Producer: Annick Shen
Client Side Creative Director: Ayo Seligman


Director: Andrew Hida
Director of Photography: Diego Alejandro Suarez
Field Producer: Agustina Santiago
Editor: Andrew Hida
Composer: Jim Greer
Project Manager: Annick Shen
Client Side Creative Director: Ayo Seligman