The challenge of global governance has never been more imperative and more daunting to realize. The Global Governance Monitor is a series of nine interactive guides that assess the international community's record in responding to modern transnational challenges, and foster a better understanding of these global issues. Major global issues include: nonproliferation, finance, ocean governance, climate change, conflict prevention, public health, transnational crime, counterterrorism regimes, and human rights. 

These are the last two videos to a nine-part series that assesses global human rights and transnational crime. This is a project of the Council on Foreign Relations. 

Runtime: 08:14


Multimedia Producer: Andrew Hida
Graphics: Tim Klimowicz
Executive Producers: Brian Storm, Mediastorm; Stewart Patrick, CFR

Produced by MediaStorm for the Council on Foreign Relations 




Publication Date: February 28, 2012