Since eighth grade, Kevin Coldren, 17, has been a member of the Liverpool High School Marching Band. In his senior year of high school, he was selected to be one of two drum majors to lead the 115-member band through his senior year and final season of competition. Kevin initially approached the idea with apprehension for fear of jeopardizing the friendships he had forged over the years. However, at the push of his father, he has earned the respect and confidence of his peers and proven himself to be a leader. As a dedicated mother of the band boosters club, Connie Coldren spends the majority of her week volunteering with the band, whether it be fundraising, filling water jugs for practice, or ushering competition judges through torrential downpours. As a former band member, Connie, and her husband, Mark Coldren, a former high school drum major, has played a vital role in influencing and supporting Kevin through his pursuits. As his final year of high school comes to an end, both Kevin and his mother look to the future for new opportunities to continue marching, and remaining a “band mom.”

Runtime: 03:16


Editor and Producer: Andrew Hida
Advisors: Brad Horn & Keith Jenkins

Produced over two days for The Fall Workshop




Publication Date: October 2010