Thanks Y'all!

Had a great turnout last week for the penultimate day of the DOC NYC film festival at the IFC Center where I had the honor of screening Follow My Steps as part of the shorts programming night, "The Kids Are All Right". Tony Reuter, one of the film's subjects, made it down to NYC from Syracuse for the evening. I'm very thankful to DOC NYC for the opportunity to have shared the film with a theater full of people, and all my friends and colleagues who came out in support. 

In a world where we share and view videos on computers, and iPhones it was an amazing opportunity to see the project on the big screen. With the prevalence of internet and digital platforms I increasingly find the viewing experience to be solitary. Sitting in  a room full of people was a unique experience to hear the audience laughing at the same parts where I laugh, and crying at the same parts where I cry. It truly emphasized this idea that I've been chasing and that I've been taught: the greatest stories are universal. These are the stories that every human being can empathize and relate to. The stories that transcend race, language, and borders. The stories that help us understand our own human experience. 

As part of the programming, Follow My Steps was filmed alongside four other short films. One of the films I would highly suggest you take the time to watch is Eagle Boy, by director Gry Elisabeth Mortensen if it should pass through your city. 

Thank you again to everyone. This has been a tremendous journey.